Rock Your Accessories

Hand Crafted, Natural Gemstone and Bead Bracelets Accessorize with Personality

Want to shop accessory colors? Start with Geology. There are colors in nature not possible to name, because that mineral was pressurized one way over a million years, and a different way over another million or so years, yielding two completely different colors from the same mineral. So, the reward as a jewelry artist is not to approach each bracelet categorically and begin with the dress or shoes or nail polish color, but instead to find a natural color, find its complements in other natural materials, and then find reward in creating a bracelet that someone sees to match their own intrinsic spirit and beauty. As long as it goes with “you,” it goes with pretty much anything you like to wear.

white bone and black agate bead bracelet
white bone with agate beads

Looking for your favorite gemstones and other organic materials, without knowing what you’re looking for? Start with geology. Browse the minerals and gemstones, and you’ll find many of which you’ve never heard, some of which will make you catch your breath. And then search for it! Rodochrosite. Bloodstone. Peanut Wood. Lapis Lazuli. Find elements that speak to you, and see what artists have created with them, if any. If not, talk with a jewelry artist about creating something for you. What makes a more interesting conversation when your jewelry sparks it? “How did you find a bracelet to match those shoes?” Or, “what is that stone!?” One conversation is about shopping, and the other is about personality.

designer bracelet with red coral beads
coral beads and a resin charm

Hopefully that’s what you find here, at Chic by Christina. Bracelets inspired by the expression of our Earth in its infinite ways and forms. And by all means, if there’s a material you’d like to wear, and you don’t see it here, Contact Christina! She would love to see what inspires you, talk minerals and colors, and quote you a price for an original in your name. Happy browsing!

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