Christina RussoHi! I’m Christina Russo.

I am originally from Rhode Island,  currently living in Louisville, KY, where I work as an ICU nurse. Always interested in, and intrigued by, innovative trends in design and fashion, I recently started crafting bracelets. What started out as a hobby by which I unwound from the hectic nature of the hospital, blossomed when family, friends, and colleagues began asking me to create pieces for them.

Before I get into the passion of hand-crafted bracelets, first things first: As we go through life, we find that the most fulfilling life is spent in service to others. When I decided to make a business out of bracelets, I felt the need to identify a charity to benefit from any success of something I enjoy. My choice of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was quick and easy. When my Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia, I knew I wanted to make a difference. 10% is the traditional amount for “tithing”, so it seems like the right level for starting. Hopefully, making a difference means as much to you, and I hope you enjoy that feeling of “good” when you buy my bracelets.

bracelet samplesAbout my jewelry — It seemed I wasn’t the only one who found that many of the products in stores today are similar, as well as very much overpriced for being mass-produced and not expressive or imaginative. I also found that many friends shared my passion for having a variety of accessories to match specific outfits, or for special occasions. Chic by Christina accessories are designed to give customers¬† an ample supply of broadly varied bracelets to mix and match and create the perfect vibe for any occasion, all without breaking the bank. You can experiment with color in organic materials at a moderate cost and achieve the same or greater expression and attention compared to buying attention with more carats or precious metals.

cat and bracelets
Chic by Christina Fascinators

In my handcrafted creations, I seek to forge an exclusive expression that uniquely resonates and connects with someone at an individual level, so that it feels to them like their expression. I can only achieve that through continuously expanded diversity, which is the fun and therapeutic part of creating the bracelets, anyway! The artist needs to create what someone will need simply because it’s honest expression.

From the eclectic, to the formal, to the adventurous and everything in between, my passion is to provide you with accessories that dazzle, inspire, and are just plain fun! I look forward to creating just the right product to match your needs for expression in accessorizing.

Thank you very much for spending some time with me, and please do Contact Me with any questions or comments. 

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